A la carte menu



Warm goats cheese and camembert, with a walnut and honey salad (v)   6,50/12,00

Smoked salmon and prawn salad (v)      7,50/14,00

Thai fish cakes with coriander and mango salsa (v) (gf)      7,00/13,00

Smoked duck salad served with a Thai dressing (gf)      7,00/13,00

Greek salad served with a yoghurt and mint dressing (v)(gf)      6,50/12,00

Creamy garlic mushrooms with salad and garlic bread (v)(gf)      6,50


Main course

Lamb shank on a bed of creamy mash with caramelised onion gravy (gf)      17,00

Duck in plum sauce with seasonal vegetables and/or chips(gf)      16,00

Rib-Eye steak, with chips, mushrooms and peas(gf)      17,00

Louisana chicken salad, with coleslaw and chips (gf)      15,00

Fillet steak with garlic butter, chips, mushrooms and peas(gf)      20,00

Grilled salmon in white wine & parsley sauce, potatoes and green beans (gf)  16,00

Add pepper or blue sauce  1,00



Beefburger with cheese, confit duck, cucumber, spring onion and plum sauce  12,00

Beefburger with cheese, bacon, red onion & BBQ sauce  11,00

Battered chicken breast with cheese, red onion and mayonnaise  11,00


Vegetarian dishes

Aubergine, mozzarella, tomato & roast pepper stack with salad & chips (gf)   13,00

Homemade vegetable lasagna, chips and garlic bread   13,00

Mshroom stroganoff with rice (gf)   13,00

Pasta bake of the day   13,00

Vegetable thai curry with rice & chips   13,00



Please see the daily dessert menu board - a selection of desserts are available daily 



please ask our staff for the allergen list   

(v) Vegetarian (gf) gluten free